View Full Version : Update 2.0 looks absolutely great, but these three bugs are killing the game for many

25-06-2015, 01:23

First the loading screen bug, not allowing you to enter the game. Always requiring a complete restart.


The lobby bug preventing you from driving. Requires a rejoin on every occasion.


Alas locking bumper cam bug.

All these bugs come up frequently when many of us play. It always seems like they happen in a consistent order. I've had all three bugs happen in a row on several occasions causing me to quit/restart/rejoin each and every time. They are simply ruining the online experience as myself and others are constantly joining and rejoining servers to fix these issues. Most of the time I lose my spot in the server because I keep quitting or the race happens to begin preventing me from joining. These bugs really need to be dealt with in this upcoming patch and I was really looking forward to seeing them in the updated patch notes.

Rob Wilkinson
25-06-2015, 01:29
These are the biggest issues for me as well. I don't even know about the other bugs because it's just this over and over most of the time.

All credit where it's due though, pCARS is the only place I can run 55 cars at Le Mans at night in the rain and still have acceptable fps. That's why I got it, and why I'll continue to use it.

Umer Ahmad
25-06-2015, 01:36
What is the point of this thread? To remind everyone about Known Issues?

No response needed, i'm locking this. Waste of time. The fixes are being developed as you read this, it may take some time.