View Full Version : [RADIO] Pit crews arent very smart are they?

25-06-2015, 03:51
I find the pit crew engineer to not be a very bright guy. Apart from his obvious inability to help predict the weather or give any kind of helpful instruction as to what tire to use or whether or not to pit because rain is going to keep up or stay out cause its going to stop, he also doesnt really have a very good grasp on racing in general.

Some of the quotes that make me question his competence are as follows.

Racing a 2 hour enduro at Le Mans. Leading the GT3 class by over 50 seconds I hear, "Ok you're running really consistent times, but lets push a little harder so we can catch the guys ahead." Not only do I hear it once, I hear it over and over, lap after lap. What does he want from me, I'm leading by almost a minute and he wants me to keep pushing? I ignore, race my race and win by almost 2 minutes in the end listening to him telling me to push every lap.

Next race, 30 min race at Road America. Again, leading race by about 15 seconds or so. Race nearing end, about a lap and a half to go. Its getting dark and I turn on the lights. When that happens I hear, "You have a right light out, pit this lap and we'll fix it." This would have put me in the pits with one lap to go and only a 15 second lead. Surely it would have ended my race. Not a very smart call by the engineer. I ignore, race one more lap and take the win.

Lastly, a 30 min race at Sakitto. Aside from the assinine metrics that cause it to rain and go from dry to uncontrollable in less than a lap, then you pit and it then goes dry and destroys your tires in less than a lap, the pits are no help. I get caught in one of these downpours that has me from ok traction when I pass the pits to ending up in the gravel by the esses. While in the gravel and fighting to get back on track, I get a message from the pits, "I hate to tell you that we're expecting a real downpour within the next thirty minutes." Oh really? Thanks for that tidbit, it would have been nice a lap ago, or at least before I'm in the dam wall cause of that rain your expecting.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a couple of my more amusing examples of how not smart the pit crews can be. Feel free to share any of your amusing pit crew foul ups as well.

25-06-2015, 04:00
You should fire him and hire someone else.

25-06-2015, 08:43
or when he tells you that your lap times are a little inconsistent and you need to improve your lap times, but you just set your fastest lap..