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25-06-2015, 07:14
With the recent release of patch notes 2.0, which is too include better corner cutting detection I thought it might be a good time to ask the question " have the SMS team thought about a full leader board wipe?"

As each day goes by, along with each released patch, my love for this game grows ever deeper, I have ways been a campaign, career type gamer and p cars will be no different career wise, but my biggest love of racing games/ sims is hot lapping. I spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours on various renditions of forza chasing down ghost, and creeping up leaderboards some times creeping inside that elusive top 100 which for me was massive acheivment!
But right now for me with the leaderboards how they are it holds very little interest to me as I don't get a true indication of where I actually stand against this mostly awesome community.
I see a lot of very fast racers on the boards from forza, but I also know there are many more missing which are active on this forum.

So if you would like what I am asking for let your voice be heard within this thread and hopefully if we generate enough interest it might be something SMS take onboard.

Many thanks for reading and please people don't come in here flaming, it's something I'm sure a lot of people want even if it isn't for you :)

25-06-2015, 07:51
It was already asked and they stated that a full wipe is not taken under consideration. Top times will be reviewed manually to verify if no glitch-y cuts were used and deleted based on that.

25-06-2015, 07:56
Oh right I must of missed that one, thanks for the heads up. Mods if you want to delete this thread, not much point on it being here if the answer has already been give! :)

25-06-2015, 10:35
Is there a way for users to report cutters to make things easier for SMS?