View Full Version : Raindrops On Circuits in Dry Weather - Thunderstorms in Monza Q

25-06-2015, 09:13
I have being going on the assumption the devs and everyone else is aware of this. Can't find it mentioned by doing a search. Rain drop splashes frequently occur on the circuit surface even in dry weather. They vanish as you approach them, so I haven't been able to take a pic. I assume this is a know glitch in the weather animation system?

Another thing I have noticed in career is that Monza has a lot of thunderstorms, especially in Q2 in LMP.

The thunderstorms are good btw, but not as good as those in GTAV - they put feedback into the thunderclap (human body feels the E.L.F. sound) as well as amazing visual FX. Just an observation, not a criticism. It is a "wow" factor in GTAV, but not so here, perhaps due to high resource demand in a racing game with so many variables in car tuning etc.