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Dominic Mako
25-06-2015, 13:30
MSM: Pcars BMW M1 Procar Enduro


Our club, Maverick Speed Motorsports, is hosting a one-off enduro before we begin our next series. Anyone is invited to join this race, as well as the future series if interested. We're actually voting as a group on the next series, so you're welcome to share your opinion on that as well. Some details about the upcoming enduro are listed below. You can find more information and register at the link below.


This will be a Project CARS race using the 1981 BMW M1 Procar. The event will be on Saturday, July 18 at 08:30 PM GMT (9:30 PM UK / 4:30 PM US EST). There will be a 15 minute practice, 15 minutes qualifying session, and then a 5 minute warm-up. The race will be 50 laps, so expect this to take somewhere in the range of 2 hours.

There will be no restrictions for this race regarding assists or views. There will be full damage on and mechanical failures. Tire wear will be set x2. Fuel usage will be set to real. Flags and penalties will be on. We'll be using multiple weather slots, with one being random. Time progression will be set at x5 to race into the night.


Brno Circuit (50 laps) - Sat July 18 *- 08:30 PM GMT (9:30 PM UK / 4:30 PM US EST)

Dominic Mako
14-07-2015, 12:58
Since it's only a few days away I thought I'd give this a bump. We have several drivers signed up and ready to go. I'm looking forward to the challenge and I hope you are too.

der wishmeister
30-08-2015, 18:55
Disappointed I missed this! How did it go?