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25-06-2015, 14:04

Firstly a little bit about us. We are a group of 13 individuals (11 male and 2 female) who, in 2003 sort of bonded whilst competing against each other at NFS HP2 and have subsequently remained good friends ever since. We're NOT a clan tagged bunch of racers with egos the size of Mars, just a group of people from various parts of the world who get together privately for some collective racing fun (along with an awful lot of banter) and generally have a good time. We do run tournaments with the usual bragging rights as reward for winning and occasionally (but very rarely nowadays) get together, well, just for the sake of having a few drinks and reminiscing over the good old days. We're not fanboys of any particular game, merely racing enthusiasts who know what a good game is and like to take advantage of whichever game happens to appear. Because lobbies are getting bigger and bigger we are ideally looking to increase our family to 16 and take advantage of the larger grids available for some more interesting racing.

What we are looking for are 3 fellow racers who are fiercely competitive, can take a torrent of abuse whilst racing, can give a torrent of abuse whilst racing but ultimately can race cleanly, fairly and respect the group as a whole. Ideally someone aged 46-55 (we are all jammed in that age bracket) and ideally someone who has a PC as well as an XB1. We're not just about Project Cars, we're about racing games in general so be prepared to slip into the world of retro-land for some very alternative racing. Note: From September Project Cars race days will be PC only because it has to be played properly - or not at all.

The absolute only requirements are that you have a solid broadband connection and a passion for racing games. Oh and a basic grasp of spoken English would be a huge benefit.
Please, no fanboys because you simply won't fit in.
Anyone interested can either PM me or reply on here with a short introduction. I'm on holiday for a fortnight (from tonight, hurrah) so I will check back here when I get home.

Thank you - and happy racing.

25-06-2015, 16:17
I'm too young for something.
Being just a pup of 35.

XI dribble IX
25-06-2015, 20:19
All sounded perfect, other than me being only a year or two out of the age range. Then I got to the PC bit, sadly Im not a PC gamer. Sounds like a good group tho. ;)

06-07-2015, 16:34
Im very close to your age bracket, I race on XB1 with a controller, Have a few PC's but not for gaming. Fairly new to racing sims but very respectful and very interested in learning and earning some experience. I dish out the banter in large helpings for all to share as well as excepting my share. Im not sure which time zone's your in but I'm EST. If you would like to give me a chance on a seat Please let me know. Thanks.. .

07-07-2015, 05:22

Looking to fill a grid for Formula C tonight for 20 laps at Brands Hatch Indy, mandatory pit stop from 21:00hrs GMT - PM me on XBL if interested

GT: StephenJHayes83



12-07-2015, 16:13
All sounded perfect, other than me being only a year or two out of the age range. Then I got to the PC bit, sadly Im not a PC gamer. Sounds like a good group tho. ;)

Yeah sorry about that but we sort of collectively agreed that the XB1 version of PCars simply isn't good enough so it had to be switched to PC for future racing sessions. Not to worry tho, and thanks for passing comment.

@Yardstik. The invitation went out on Facebook whilst I was away and it looks like the spaces have been filled already, but if for any reason one of the three drop out i'll send you a pm if you're still interested. The age thing isn't really a concern by the way. It's simply a way of ensuring that new people in the community remember these older games for what they were as opposed to what they look like nowadays. Younger gamers tend to think that a game has to look good to bee good, if you know what I mean.