View Full Version : FFB Starts Jittering Sometimes?

25-06-2015, 14:57
So I have run in to this problem a few times now and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it. I will be turning laps and FFB will be totally fine for awhile. Then after a quick restart the wheel will start to jitter a bunch, especially at low speeds. Anyone else run into this? I am pretty sure it's a bug since the wheel works fine for so many attempts before it starts acting up.

FYI, I run a Fanatec GT2 wheel.

25-06-2015, 19:16
Jittering during turns or even when the wheel is dead straight? Is it anything like the issue I created a thread for? - http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?32811-Do-all-wheels-vibrate-and-make-weird-noises-via-their-motors-during-FFB-clipping