View Full Version : GT3 UK Silverstone. Can't see anything!

25-06-2015, 18:54
Hi guys, has anyone had a problem with the silverstone round of the gt3 uk trophy? All practices and qualifying went fine, as did the sprint race.

As soon as I start the main race it's pitch black from inside the cockpit and the lights make no difference but from every other camera it looks correct for the 5pm start time stated.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

25-06-2015, 19:04
Just recreated the race in quick race weekend with same number of cars, start time, weather, everything. It looks fine, same light conditions inside and outside the car. Not sure what's happening here but if anybody who has done the gt3 uk trophy could report back that would be great.

26-06-2015, 09:58
Could this be the problem? ;)


In all seriousness though, I did the race in GT3 in career mode but I didn't notice this happening.