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25-06-2015, 18:55
Does anyone have any knowledge of when theres going to be a patch to fix flags and penaltys in this game. Even Driveclub being an arcade racer has a penalty system, not a great one but it does have one. This game is supposed to be a sim but at the moment unless you race in a group like matsuo this game is useless. No black flags for the continuous ramming, track block etc. Even the yellow flag is flawed. Supposed to be no overtaking under yellow yet this sim allows it with no penalty at all. Surely this game cant go on much longer without an update on this.

25-06-2015, 19:05
They certainly don't seem to be working at all, they get shown but I was in a race online earlier yellow flags out and no one was slowing down, cars on the racing line things that would have brought out the safety car and we just kept hammering round at full speed

Ai don't move out of your way when your waaaay faster in qualifying even though they should be getting blue flag, I do hope there will be a patch soon

Keep up the good work on the improvements guys

25-06-2015, 19:06
Track cutting is being worked on its been said a few times on here by official peoples.

I imagine everything else will be improved over the next few patches too to help combat the people online who decided that because they had a bad race start they park sideways on a narrow part of the track and continue for 20 laps to spoil everyone elses race - This is my biggest issue and i've only encountered it twice but thankfully i've had many more other great races.

I'm racing in a group on steam now, they arrange events where you will be playing with nice people who want to play properly join here if you like / if you have the PC version they are nice guys.

i might be wrong but the yellow flag in the game is just to inform you of impending danger, i might be wrong but i think enforcing a no overtake would be quite hard and i don't really think the game needs a no over taking rule, if a car is left at the side of the track the yellow stays out so you wouldn't be overtaking in that area for the whole race i think that would be quite pants tbh.

Here is a PC/Steam group


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25-06-2015, 21:10
To be honest i think if you are going to use yellow flags on a sim, they should be used exactly as in real life. If you overtake under a clear yellow you should get the a few seconds penalty, this allowing whoever you unfairly overtook the chance to retake their place. Regarding there being a car at the side of track causing a yellow flag on that part of the track for the full race, the answer is that that should not happen. If someone is just sitting at the side of the track for more than 1 min they should just be removed from the race as they have obviously no intention of racing. This also applys to people who do not go anywhere at the start of the race. They just sit on their grid position and cause chaos for everyone else.

25-06-2015, 21:14
I Hope they fix they flag system , no point it being there if it isn't working as it should .

25-06-2015, 21:16
I wouldnt mind them taking the "and the next lap time" OFF :-). One lap is enough

25-06-2015, 23:39
i think before they implement penalties for overtaking under yellow or not yielding to a blue flag they need to fix when they appear..... As it currently is, a yellow flag can be out for many laps after the incident has been cleared.... and blue flags are shown at some very random times, especially if you pass someone in qualifying who has a faster recorded time than you, regardless off if they have gone off or slowed