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25-06-2015, 21:14
Don't know if I am in right section of forum, but I have a couple of questions.
I started in career mode at tier 8 because that was the first tier after karts, I hate karts, if I wanted to race karts I would get Mario kart or similar. is there any way to avoid kart races? they come up in the calendar and you cant get past them without doing the races. In career mode we get emails with invitations to various events and we are stuck with those events, why bother to send emails with invitations that cant be rejected? If invites are a fixed non-optional part of the game and are part of the game flow then why mess around with pointless emails, give us a choice in the direction we wish to progress in the game. Apart from the rigidity of gameflow once you have selected career starting point the realism etc is probably the best I have encountered.

System is Xbox One and standard controller.

25-06-2015, 21:56
You should be able to "skip to next event" in the race menu (where you choose to practice, qual, or race).
I personally haven't used it, but I saw an option there.

25-06-2015, 21:57
It works. You need to skip the first event of the kart series.