View Full Version : Solo Race Livery settings - How do you apply and set a livery for a vehicle?

26-06-2015, 00:29

Does anyone know how you can set your livery for a solo race on the PS4 and actually get it to apply and save?

I go into my garage, select the vehicle I am going to drive in my solo race, choose the livery, maybe even take a photo, looks great Ė then I go back and start my race with that exact make and model car, only to find when the race starts it just has a random livery and not the one I have chosen. I canít seem to make my selected livery save. Is there a trick to get this to work? Iím I missing something in the menus?

Some of the liveries look great, and I downloaded the custom livery pack #1 Ė just a shame I canít seem to do anything useful with them other than look at them on a car in my garage.

(sorry if this question has already been asked/answered Ė I searched the forums and only found a brief thread one of the PC guys having a similar issue)

26-06-2015, 00:56
I believe its a fault or bug if you like ..... will be fixed in the near future I assume .

26-06-2015, 13:09
I believe its a fault or bug if you like ..... will be fixed in the near future I assume .

Thanks for the info. Just wondering if anyone has actually got this working? If not do we need to officially log it as an issue?

26-06-2015, 13:58
It's a known and logged bug. Lots of things not saving like settings and mirror on the hud display.
It was known before patch 1.4 so who knows if it will be fixed.

26-06-2015, 15:31
Never had any problems with liveries not saving.

Just make sure that you go into your garage from the respective menu. Say you want to create a quick race weekend, enter the Quick Race Weekend screen and in there go to vehicle selection and then to My Garage and choose your livery.

It will not work if you go to My Garage from the main menu and after that go to Quick Race Weekend and choose the car from the quick vehicle selection list. You need to go My Garage from the menu you just entered. Always worked for me like that, hope this helps :)

26-06-2015, 17:49
what you do is go to my garage and select the car and livery you want and hit x, then you know how it takes you back to the list of cars in the category you're using or the whole list if its a offline single player event? you do NOT hit x on your car, you just hit O and begin the event and it keeps hte livery. if you hit x on the car it sets random livery . hopefully that makes sense and helps ya out . btw, is there a way to manually rotate your automobile? sometimes all you can see is the ass end and it takes forever ot rotate >_>