View Full Version : Career mode puts me in the wrong races

26-06-2015, 03:15
I just won the formula rookie world championship, and signed with at Formula 1000 team. I go through the intro about what formula 1000 is, and I get GT5 events, exactly what I turned down in my offers emails. So I abandon the season, and do the same. Why can't I race what class I chose? Am I missing something? I don't mind an event here or there, but I chose to do a specific style of racing, and it is giving me the exact opposite.

26-06-2015, 07:37
Those GT5 events were probably optional invitational events, which you can skip.

26-06-2015, 12:37
The option to skip is locked. And they are not invitational events. It is a whole season, consisting of one race per week in the season.

27-06-2015, 21:25
Some invitational events are over 3-4 races. Your probably doing one of those invitational events

30-06-2015, 18:55
I'm with the OP here, I've had the same happen to me. Selected to race another season in formula rookie, but it gave me a season of historic touring cars. It was definitely not an optional event, I didn't drive a formula rookie car for the entire season.

It did however go back to normal for the season after that, picked formula rookie and that's what I drove....