View Full Version : Simulated race session and Pitting bug under rain

26-06-2015, 08:12
Hi devs,

i'm here to report a bug i've noticed during a race, GT3 career with AI 90%, at Brands Hatch GP circuit.
During the race, it's started to rain after 20 laps and for personal reason i needed to let the AI continue my race simulating the last part of the session.
After 2 laps, my car and the other pitting to fit rain tyres and that's ok. But, until the end of the race, my car pitted 5 times without any reason, while the other just once!
So, from the third position i ended the race 24th....

BTW, this game is absolutely great, fun and very challenging :D

Thanks for helps!

PS: Could be very useful if we can re-switch to "manual" driving after simulating a certain piece of race...