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26-06-2015, 15:03
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Hello all!

My name is Shino and im here to invite everybody who would like to participate to Nebula's WEC-League!
(or to any other league we are/will be hosting)

Classes/Cars: LMP1, LMP2, GT3
Classes will be determined by a special "Pre-Qualifying" session before the start of the season
Calendar: TBA
Teams: Based on SMS' liveries (2 drivers per team)
Drivers: 19/30 (11 spots remaining)

So if you're interested simply hit me up at Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Shino/) and I'll guide you through the steps to join the league!
Equally, if you are interested in joining in general or any of our other leagues, add NorT (head admin) (http://steamcommunity.com/id/norts16) on Steam and talk to him about it. :)

Any questions? Don't hesitate to post them here, send me a pm or hit me up at steam all the same!


26-06-2015, 16:00
where are you based and when do you drive?

26-06-2015, 16:12
where are you based
Most of our drivers are from Europe, though we do also have people from America, Africa and Asia/Oceania (the latter has basically their own sub-league).

and when do you drive?
Most leagues start around 7-8pm GMT although time and date will always be decided so that most/all of the drivers of a league can actually make it.
For example Grid Autosport Formula C is held Fridays at 7:00pm GMT whereas the rFactor league races Saturdays at 6:00pm GMT.

I hope that answers your questions. ;)

26-06-2015, 16:34
well i'm form germany and normally at home around 7pm, so it could work, i sent you a request on steam!

26-06-2015, 21:33
i would like to join

Steam name is TheeYoloSwagMaster
timezone USA West Coast

I am an all around nice guy and do my best to race clean use a control so need assists

26-06-2015, 21:39
Moved to Multiplayer Event Planning.

28-06-2015, 09:56
Just a quick reminder that there are still 6 seats open but only 1 driver remains for the minimum amount of 25 people!

So if you are interested, or still unsure, just ask me anything you want to know. :D

28-06-2015, 10:46
hey shino... just send you a request (fungho)

28-06-2015, 11:00
hey shino... just send you a request (fungho)
Got it and added you to the list. Welcome! :)