View Full Version : My Ian Bell history (skin like a rhino)

26-06-2015, 16:21
I've read some clap trap on here in recent weeks about Ian, SMS and that thread yesterday from a disgruntled Wii owner has made me post this response.

I came into contact with Ian quite by accident about 14 years ago when racing online with Nascar 4 with UK Racing, one of the guys on there told me if i like tin top racing then go to this forum (nogrip i beleive) and get a mod for EA's F1 game called GTRv3 done by SBDT (SimBin Development Team) of which Ian was head of. I think the mod was free or very cheap can't remember, anyway after that they did GTR 2002 for F1C Ian announced on the forum that they where no longer going to do mod's but where going to be a bona fide development team and bring out a retail game, oh my word all hell broke out on the forum, how dare he make a living out of something he was obviously very good at and had a passion for, how could turn his back on the community etc, and then the begging post, please don't leave, don't sell yourself, even back then, Ian was as Ian is a bit sarcastic to some of the posts but Ian above nothing else is passionate about his products and protective of his team who where also modders like him.

All this verbal abuse he's been getting lately he has seen before, probably not to same extent as some on here but non the less he has seen it not just from users but from part of his old development team who he split from mid way through developing GTR2 to from his own team called Blimey, who then got re hired to finish the game and go on to do GT Legends for which at the time Blimey got no credit for (I'm sure Ian or someone will correct me if i'm wrong) so i think by now 14 years later Ian probably got a bit thick skinned to the abuse, not to say it's right far from it but he has been there,seen it and worn the t shirt.

When i read posts who think Ian only started developing games from Shift onwards need to remember this guy and this team through it Simbin, Blimey, and now slightly Mad Studios have been doing racing sims for a long time and bloody good sims at that, papyrus level if not physics wise better is some respects, us simmers noticed the diffrence in physics in WTCC and race 07 when blimey left, they where not as good. Anybody 25 or younger will probably not know any of this and console owners are probably not used to being able to talk to CEO of a development team, something us pc users have been able to do for some time ( I'm not console bashing i've owned a console from Atari 2600 to a 360 but i have been gaming since the late 70's). Projects cars has got some problems i do agree much the same as the shift games did for which SMS had no power to fix due to EA, but the GTR games before, a couple of patches and any small problems the games had where fixed, i think the problem now is Ian and the team are no longer PC exclusive but console as well which brings a whole new world of problems. Don't get me wrong i don't always agree with what Ian says or the way he says it, but Ian the 14 years i've been following and chatting with him in forums has always been that way but..... he's always deleviered when he was able too (before shift) on his promises to get things fixed and make his games the best they can be, GT Legends and GTR2 are still being played today, well i still play them and they are excellent sims, so please before some of you go off on one at Ian and Project Cars, just remember they are not flyby night developers they have been round for a long time and hopefully will do for some time to come

(GoonerUK Gooner UK GoonerTRM) <- Ian may reconise one of these from years gone by