View Full Version : PS4 Demolition Derby Ice Breaker Event - All Communitys Welcome

27-06-2015, 03:05
VR Underground Event


Demolition Derby (VRroom style)

This event is open to the public, pads or wheels and all are welcome to join in.*

Just create an account and sign up.


This is going out to all PS4 simracing communitys and is a chance to break the ice and get to know each other, a bit of fun. Who knows maybe we could run a monthly cross community championship.

What are you waiting for .. Get yourself signed up.

www.VRroom.org We seem to have more in common with some of you guys than i thought.. Get yourself and your communitys over to our site and lets have a night of fun, break the ice. I want to bring these communitys together in some way and i feel like this maybe the way.