View Full Version : Waiting for races to start...

27-06-2015, 16:00
This is SOOOOOOOO boring,

Sitting in a lobby with a 1/16 ) AI 0 race setup, and the host insists on waiting for the compliment of 16 drivers before they start the race,

You then find they have a stupid qualifying of 15 minutes for a 3 lap race !!

Then invariably half the field will leave before or during the race after punting off most of the pack!

waste of a good race


Neil Bateman
27-06-2015, 16:18
You can always create your own lobby set up as you like it, otherwise you just have to keep searching.

Pity we cant just highlight a lobby and see its settings, even if its just so we know if its in practice qualy or race, as it is now if the status says racing it doesn't mean its in race, could still be in qualy, then when you exit you go back to main menu and have to click online and sort your filter again.

All these things are a bit of an annoyance for sure.