View Full Version : Best steering wheel for use with PC and Xbox One?

MVG Saint
27-06-2015, 17:59
Hello everyone, as I have Project Cars on the PC and I'm looking to buy the "other" racing game on Xbox One when it come out in September, I'm looking for a decent steering wheel that will support both systems. I have seen that Logitech are bringing out another wheel that will work on the PC and XBO, but it's not out until October. What other choices do I have?

Also, I will need a wheel stand that has a small footprint and can be stored away as SHMBO won't want me clogging up the living room with guff!

Many thanks in advance ;)

27-06-2015, 18:07
Thrustmaster TX

27-06-2015, 18:38
http://www.fanatec.com/eu-en/wheel-bases/clubsport-wheel-base-v2-eu.html + one of these https://www.fanatec.com/eu-en/steering-wheels
Is probably the best. Only problem is the xbox one universal hub that provides the compatibility is in short supply.