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27-06-2015, 23:17
Evening all.

I'll put my tl;dr up here because it's a simple thing but with a few details so...: the 'look' sensitivity in Cockpit cam is much faster and less restrictive than Helmet cam, and I think it would be a benefit to have it as the same faster speed.

I don't get to play this game anywhere near as much as I'd like, so I'm still fiddling with settings and, on the whole, throwing cars around in Free Practice if I'm not having the odd 1v1 race with my brother.

Anyway, the point of my post. As anyone who plays on a single screen and without VR support will tell you, it can be pretty difficult at times to have a real sense of where cars are when they are either alongside you or in your blindspot (a week or two ago I think I read Ian Bell say they are considering callouts from your engineer if there was a car in your blindspot). Two reasons for this; FOV restrictions that are pretty unavoidable on a single screen, and mirrors that are partly obscured outside of the resting FOV (if you know what I mean).

The maximum FOV for Helmet cam is 85, and this value actually feels pretty comfortable and immersive for me, and is what I have been using ever since I got the game, but I really struggle with keeping track of where cars are. I haven't been online yet (still not got my eye in for most of the cars) but I would be a genuine hazard if I did because I've swiped so many AI. But I was reading the forums the other day and saw somebody mention that they have their camera as Cockpit cam with a FOV of 105, because they can just about see their driver-side and rear-view mirror that way. So I've been trying that tonight and noticed something...

The speed at which you can look around is so much faster in Cockpit cam. It genuinely feels twice the speed compared to Helmet cam. Even with the races with my brother, where he is the only other car I need to worry about - he's generally quicker than me :( - using Helmet cam and trying to glance either into my mirrors or snatch a look out the window alongside me, it feels so protracted and by the time I've looked to see where he is, I'm deep in the braking zone, locking up, and missed the apex and oh damn I'm in the gravel. So I tested this against Cockpit cam in a quick race against the AI, and it was much faster and felt far more like it was my eyes darting across the screen rather than lumbering my whole head across. It meant I was able to get my bearings on where opponents where much more quickly. Sure, there was still a few times when I lost them, but it happened much less frequently. It felt like I was snapping to the angle I wanted, rather than dragging my head to it.

Here's a quick 30sec video I made to hopefully show what I mean in terms of the difference of speed. The quality is probably rubbish because I captured it from the Xbox DVR, uploaded to Onedrive, downloaded onto my laptop then uploaded onto Youtube, so it might not show the real difference, but if you try it yourself you'll see it's night and day. I set both cameras to a FOV of 85, the maximum of Helmet cam.


That tiny fraction of a second difference makes such a big, well, difference for me, and it would add a little something more to what is already my favourite onboard camera of any game.

The obvious answer to this is "well, use Cockpit cam then", but I would hate to lose all the dynamic camera action that you can have with Helmet cam. It is genuinely the most immersive 'view' I've ever experienced in all my years of playing driving games. I absolutely love it and have it just right with regards to camera lean/look to apex/G-Force etc, and in comparison Cockpit cam feels so static and lifeless to me.

So can we get a parity in this look speed between the two cameras? In my opinion it would slightly reduce that unawareness factor that comes with defending a position, which would lead to cleaner and closer racing.

This post got a bit longer than I thought so it is now actually morning as I post this, so Morning all.

TheReaper GT
27-06-2015, 23:20
I think that was me, I use 115 for both mirrors. I was using 105 for the Caterham R500 but i'm back with the 115 or 110. I Like it :D

EDIT: Just tested and 110, I like it, gonna stick with it for a while

Here a video of my last race few minutes ago: