View Full Version : DS4 constant vibration with tilt controls selected

27-06-2015, 23:24
Not sure where to report bugs but I'm going to report my post from 3-4 days ago from the main DS4 thread, since no one else appears - as far as I could see - to have reported this issue.

My DS4 is vibrating constantly (and I do mean constantly, unless the car is slowed to a complete halt) when I'm using tilt controls for steering. Anyone else have this problem? It's unplayable in that state unless I turn FFB down to 0 - or feel in the mood for a not particularly gentle hand massage.

I tried switching back to normal thumb stick controls and vibration there is back to normal (ie. primarily gentle feedback during gear changes and when going off track). Same cars and tracks.

I would love to see this problem fixed as I have totally fallen in love with tilt controls over the last few days after many hours of primarily DriveClub, which also offers that option. I would have loved to spend as many hours driving with tilt controls in Project Cars (it really provides fantastically smooth steering after getting used to it, almost on par with a steering wheel), but though controller vibration is obviously no substitute for the FFB of a wheel, having to turn off all feedback to get around the vibration bug makes for a very dull driving sensation in my opinion.