View Full Version : Glitches I've Found

28-06-2015, 00:26
Here are some glitches I have found.

1. Game wan't me to pit on California Highway.
I didn't schedule a pit stop and the damage in on cosmetic. I don't know why it says scheduled though.

2. Went through an AI car.
I think it was because he went to the pits. I've had this problem before in qualifying went out of this pits right behind a car then on the same lap my car went through him(Not the same as clip below.).

3. Car stuck on roof and physics doesn't like it when you flip over.
I was racing with a couple friends in Formula 3s when they collided, and after the crash he got stuck on his roof. And the rolling over just doesn't look right.

4. LMP1s go on 2 wheels when they spin.

5. Game doesn't like it when you run out of fuel in the pits.
Happens on multiple tracks.

6. My car tried eating a turning board.
This one isn't a big deal but it's funny.

7. AI driver in Monaco pits.
Car hits wall when coming out of the garage and jerks the wheel driving down the pits. I was using the Renault Megane RS 265 don't know if this happens in other cars.

8. Car sometimes skips gears shifting up.
I was using the McLaren 12C GT3 on Monza GP and it would sometimes go from gear 2 to 4. It happened in free practice. No clip.


1. My game froze when someone joined but the sound kept going normal. (no clip) I think there was 6 or so people and we were on Brands hatch GP

2. My game crashed when I went in the pits on Silverstone GP in a Formula 3.

3. My friends and I were trying to race (public game) and one of my friends joined, there are now 3 of us. I chose Nürburgring GP and GT1s. But on his screen we were on a gocart track with LMP1s. He fully restarted his Xbox and we started qualifying. when he joined (still only 3 of us) back I don't remember if it still showed the wrong thing or not but it wouldn't let in join the session in progress. We started a new game. All going good, I started the race and we all got disconnected. After that I think we had no problems.

I have more but I don't have clips for them yet.

Thanks for looking.