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Silvio Camolesi
28-06-2015, 14:49
Why games like rFactor/RRE/LFS and even CM's titles, have an easy direct accessible menu, and pCars has not?

I mean, things like the possibility to adjust almost all things without leave the session, like all FFB bars, Sound options, and, except one another video settings, all the rest?

Is that something related to the engine structure or is it just the developer's personal taste?

Any chance to have in the future some change to have things less complicated?

Because, even with some bugs (like infinite "loading track" or "infinite lobby waiting") that will be fixed for sure, this system where you have to leave the session (no matter if single or multiplayer) is a suffering.

Simple things like FFb adjustment becomes a via crucis because you have no way to access the menu from inside the session you are.

Here some suggestions that would improve the game experience, so, if them are something possibile to implement, why not? Follows:

- Access to options menu from inside the session;
- Start driving from the boxes;
- Rolling start for practice (in single player) from before last curve;
- Automatic assign "rear view" from the combination of "right" and "left view" buttons;

And one controversial feature: chasing camera from the pilot POV.

There are a lot of suggestion, maybe some is not welcome, some has been suggested and discussed before, some is not possible to implement, I don't know, I'm just giving some points that, IMO, would be a positive add to the satisfaction of using this fantastic game.

28-06-2015, 15:26
Chase camera from the pilot's POV? :confused:
What would that look like?

Silvio Camolesi
28-06-2015, 15:40
I mean the ability to watch other player from his cockpit

Olijke Poffer
28-06-2015, 20:19
When you're in the pit you can view other drivers racing around the track from all available cameras.