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28-06-2015, 16:22
Hi there!

I'm doing a little tool for myself and the community where you can keep track of your leaderboard entries, as the official leaderboard lacks some features, all above the ability to get a complete list of your own entries. (I know btw that there is this ( page, but I want to do a dekstop tool nonetheless for a few reasons)

So my first approach was to "just" scan all leaderboards from the official WMD leaderboards page. However, this takes very long (over 3 hours for me..) when you don't know what track/car combos to look for, as there are nearly 10k leaderboards I have to request and parse. So now I saw that there is this /records directory within the pCARS directory, which seems to have a .dat file for all time trials?

Few questions about this:
1) Am I right that this is about leaderboard entries?
2) Is this the ghost data? Or asked in another way: Is there also a .dat file in case a ghost could not get uploaded to the leaderboard? (There are some entries where ghost data is missing)
3) what happens when the user deinstalls pcars and installs it again? are these .dat files always in synch with the leaderboards? I mean will it re-create them when you deleted them and start pcars again?
3) If 1)-3) holds true, then could you devs please send me a list of the file name patterns you use for these dat files? Because the names for tracks and cars are different from the names in the leaderboard HTML.

If I could know from these .dat files what leaderbaords I have to scan to download the user entries into the tool, the process would be infinately faster! (and also, I wouldn't put that much load on your leaderboard server :D)

many thanks!

30-06-2015, 13:50
I don't want to be impatient, but I have the feeling I will not get an answer anymore if I just let this thread die. I'd really appreciate an answer from a dev, because I don't want to spend hours coding some stuff when there's a way more simpler and better way to do it. A simple "we won't tell you" or "we don't care" will be enough (though a bit disappointing, but i will accept it). But I wonder are the devs reading this board anyways, does anyone know?