View Full Version : Formula B, no tyre temp on second run

28-06-2015, 20:11
I've noticed something strange when in a practice session in career mode with the Formula B at Monaco.

When I start the session I am able to go out on track and get the tyres up to temp (about 200) within about 2 laps and put a few laps in after with no problems. If I then 'Return To Pits' and try the same thing again on my second run the tyres will not heat up past 130 and have very little grip. The tyre indicator stays blue.

I've been able to repeat this by restarting the session. The same thing happens every time. First run no issues, second run the tyres won't heat up.

Is this intentional (some kind heat cycle effect in the tyre model?) or a bug? Has anyone else come across this?

I've checked and the tyre pressures are the same for both runs, I'm not making any setup changes after returning to the pits.

Because of this issue I can't return to the pits in practice without restarting the session. Is there anyway to force a new set of tyres after 'Returning to pits' during a practice session, or do you just get one set for the whole practice?