View Full Version : Superkarts Straight to LMP1?

28-06-2015, 22:05
I just went straight from a season in superkarts to LMP1. Is it supposed to be possible or did I encounter a bug? I don't even recall receiving or accepting a contract offer for LMP1. At the end of my superkarts season (after already winning the superkarts championships), I selected abandon season to skip all the rest of the events and I ended up in the next season in LMP1. I'm only in season 3, and really didn't want to go into LMP1.

29-06-2015, 00:16
It is possible to skip multiple tiers, I think it depends on your performance in the previous season. I skipped from superkarts to LMP3 semi-pro. As for not accepting a contract and being placed in LMP1 that is odd and could possibly be a bug.

29-06-2015, 00:37
I think if you abandon season the game automatically accepts the contract of the highest tier available. I just skipped to the end of my current season without abandoning and got the option to select a contract. I have over a dozen contracts for different series in my inbox.

29-06-2015, 01:03
I received a contract offer for LMP2 after a season in Kart One, then LMP1 and then won the WEC.
My zero to hero trophy popped on the WEC and not after the LMP1 Championship, at least I got it :)


29-06-2015, 07:04
You all are natural talents!

29-06-2015, 07:15
It's pretty easy to max the kart/superkart tiers. I got a LeMans endurance race right now but I thought it was a single invitational event. I definitely didn't earn it since I totally messed up the 'historic' series with 300SL/Escort.

29-06-2015, 08:44
You all are natural talents!

Ha! If only, that season in LMP3 Semi-pro, I finished stone dead last. The jump was too much. I ended up back in Superkarts the following season :p

29-06-2015, 09:42
No, it is not as intended.

30-06-2015, 09:32
I did the kart one twice by mistake and then got a LMP2 contract