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29-06-2015, 00:35
was experimenting with different views and fov adjustments for BAC Mono and somehow managed to mess it up where MoTec display does not show up at all in helmet and cockpit view. all other views have it. when i try to edit HUD its not there either, pressing X on dotted rectangles that might have it hidden does not reveal it. tried a different car after that, same thing, gone. is it a known issue and if so does any workaround exist to get it back ? like reset HUD or something ? have already tried to cycle HUD in settings from Full to Off to Full and it didnt help.

29-06-2015, 04:09
You mean the HUD display. The MoTec is the display on the dashboard or on the steering wheel inside the cockpit, and doesn't show on any other view

I don't think the HUD tach/speedo/tire display shows when in cockpit view. Dunno about helmet view though.

29-06-2015, 10:38
HUD can display MoTec in all views. its not dashboard or wheel MoTec as thats only available on some cars as part of their cockpits. this one is HUD MoTec thats layered on top of whatever view you have whatever car you have.

29-06-2015, 16:21
You can cycle through data on the little one?! Must try!

30-06-2015, 00:49
not sure if you can cycle it (dont have free button to setup for that) but the one i'm talking about is this one (bottom middle of the screen shot) http://i.imgur.com/GUGI9Kf.jpg

30-06-2015, 01:50
Ok, yeah. That one does not cycle data type, only the LCD Motec on dash/steering wheel on those cars that have them.

Also, When in cockpit, backseat (center inside cam), or helmet cam, that display is unavailable. The only non-motec speedo display you get is the small box showing Gear, Speed, Tire temp, Fuel, and KERS charge (maybe DRS too?) while in those views. You don't get the Tachometer or the shift lights on that display, since those are generally part of the actual MoTeC, or otherwise built into the dash.

Do you still get the little box hud or nothing at all?

30-06-2015, 13:29
yeah i can get the little box but dont like it, its kinda useless to me. the reason i need MoTec layered on top in helmet or cockpit views is because my screen is too small and if i adjust those views and seat position the way i need them i cant properly see the wheel/dash MoTec or whatever the car has. if i adjust them so those can be seen good and proper its unusable for me, its like driving a tank, and a very fast tank which makes it even more difficult. anyways i think i finally settled for bonnet view, that way i can see enough of the road and more perspective for corners. it does lack motion effects of the helmet view unfortunately but at least i can get a proper view and that HUD MoTec layered on top of it.

30-06-2015, 16:04
Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. I play on a small (though extremely clear) 23.5" computer monitor. It depends on the car, but I cycle between bonnet, trail, and cockpit cam (open wheel only, really...)