View Full Version : More Stats Would Be Great

29-06-2015, 01:21
I would like to see more offline Career/season stats. Right now all we get is a graph I can barely see on my 55 inch TV with races enterd and wins from each track.
I'd like to see a breakdown by car of Wins, top5, avg finish, avg qualify positions and poles, personal best laps by track, DNF's (or "retires" as the euros call it) and so forth and so on.

29-06-2015, 11:23

Would be great to see more stats. Also ability to see other driver/friends stats, best lap times, race friends ghosts.

Siberian Tiger
29-06-2015, 11:26
You never can have enough Data and Stats :) So i would like this too :)

29-06-2015, 12:33
I would like something similar to bf4stats.com

29-06-2015, 15:22
I would like something similar to bf4stats.com

Oh that would be so cool to get something like battlenet but for racing, great idea.