View Full Version : AI Pit Too Often

29-06-2015, 07:58
I'm really enjoying the game so far, a few minor issues but nothing compared to previous sims I've used in the past and certainly not worth complaining about, really well done guys!
I spend most of my time in LMP1 cars offline competing in endurance races but I've noticed that there is something not right about the AI pit strategy which may or may not be a problem with the game itself.

The problem is that in an endurance race, I set my fuel load at 100% (74L I think) and off I go. I'll use yesterday as an example...
Racing at Le Mans, 40 laps (approx. 2hr 30min)
At the start of the race I was in a battle with the leader (I'll call him driver A) for several laps, then on lap 7 he pits in. The car behind (driver B) doesn't pit and stays out behind me for another few laps, we both pit at the end of lap 10. This makes sense, planning 3 stops evenly spaced.
I stay out in front (just) with driver A and driver B behind me. On lap 15, driver A and driver B pit together. I stay out until my scheduled stop on lap 20, driver A is nowhere in sight but driver B passes me in the pits and goes in on lap 21 and again on lap 27. No clue where driver A is at this point but by the end of the race I win by almost 2mins despite not really having the pace to pull away by that sort of amount. I estimate that the AI carried out around 4 or 5 pitstops when a full tank would easily let you complete the race with 3.

Questions this raises...
Do some cars run with reduced fuel at the start?
Does the AI pit strategy fill up the cars to 100% or do they use the default fuel load (approx. 60%)?

It's an annoying issue which makes endurance racing a little dull, I have no requirement to push the car. I can use a workaround for this which is to short fill my own car, self imposed balance of performance if you will. Anyway, if anyone has experienced this issue of the AI running low on fuel too soon or if any developers can provide an insight it would greatly appreciated.