View Full Version : West Midlands UK(GMT) Monday Nights, Casual, Clean Racers!!

29-06-2015, 13:40
HI, Looking for clean racers Monday nights. No specifics anything goes. Vote for Fave cars, tracks, assists, damage, Qualifying, Practice ETC..Any peripherals any view. No leagues, nothing serious just a bit of clean racing fun!!!
My Gamertag AstroSmurf
Age : 41
Loc : West Midlands Uk
Console : Xbox1

Alternatively if you think i might be interested in some races going on please let me know.. Hard to get a race on xbox with no Lobbys. Come on Microsoft sort it out!!!

29-06-2015, 18:35
Hey bud, check out www,vrf.enjin.com

Racing league featuring weekly races on a wednesday at 9pm uk time.

We have members on most nights, we have rules but they are just to stop wreckers and immature drivers ruining races.

29-06-2015, 19:00
Thank you ill check it out:)

Owen sibthorpe
29-06-2015, 19:05
Can I race with you gamer tag Yo Viirus

Owen sibthorpe
29-06-2015, 19:07
Need some people to play with badly

30-06-2015, 13:27
If you can join us on Saturday at 15.00 gmt formula rookie 20 -30 lap race inc qually