View Full Version : Online ordering?

29-06-2015, 13:44
I'm not sure if anyone else is had this problem. I've just purchased a thrustmaster t300rs, Pedals and shifter. It has taken me 3 months. This is why. Btw I live Australia.

First attempt at a large walk in and online retailer, after confirming the purchase I received an email asking for a copy of my drivers licence and a utility bill. This was asked for on the basis of credit card fraud protection. Naturally I declined the request and asked for a re credit.

Second attempt the vendor showed in stock and when the items did not arrive I called and checked to be told it was a pre order item and not available until the end of July, cue request for re credit.

Third attempt, item in stock, advertised as shipped that day, only to receive a phone call to where I was asked to verify a small deposit made to my account, the operator did not understand that it would take at least two days for this to appear in my account and therefore same day shipping not correct. Cue request for re credit.

My final and successful order was through pagnian.com.au, this time in stock, shipped that day, no stupid fraud protection, item arrived within the week.