View Full Version : Tires will not wear during race

29-06-2015, 16:22
I have the Tire Wear set to realistic in the game setting, but it seems it will not wear during 100% (12-15 laps) races on the formula rookie. Is there any other setting that affects that? When I start practice or qualify the tires are in blue color and become green after few laps, but never get bad... In races it starts in green and are always green during the whole race. Is this expected??

29-06-2015, 16:27
tire wear is not shown on hud, the only info you have is the temperature, blue-cold, green- ok, red to hot. The only way you'll know your tire wear is when it will become really slippy.

29-06-2015, 16:55
As chart_e says, there is no wear indicator, only temperature. You wouldn't expect any noticeable tyre wear in 15 lap races in the Rookie anyway, those cars have very durable tyres. In real life there are lots of amateur Formula Ford championships and the drivers would actually tend to use the same set of tyres for quite a few races before changing them.