View Full Version : Game Stuck in "Simulating Season"

29-06-2015, 17:14
I read about this bug and appears in different game versions.

When I doing a Qualification Season, for example, I race 3 or 5 laps, get the Poli then "Skip to the end of season" in the Pause menu because I dont want race all the time left.
So, sometimes the game freezes in a "Clock Rotation" with the message "Simulating Season".

This is VERY annoying, sometimes is very hard to get the best lap.
Happens in various Car/Track/Tires.

The Game continues "Running"(Do not Crash or Close) but the only way to proceed is ending the process.

AMD Phenom X945
AMD 6950 2GB
Catalyst™ 15.6 Beta Driver for Windows® 7 64-bit
XBOX 360 Controller