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29-06-2015, 17:19
Really struggling with dick heads ruining people's (mainly my) races.... Surely these idiots will get bored of demo derbying and corner cutting and leave us clean racers to enjoy this wonderful game

stoogie13 on ps4 for clean races.

29-06-2015, 17:29
Host kick will take care of most of those idiots. I'd even stop my fucking car, go into menu screen, kick that moron, and continue on last place. Hopefully they don't just enable you to kick people when in lobby. Talking about people waiting and blocking the track etc., not corner cutters.

29-06-2015, 18:01
We all make mistakes on track but some of them are just dicks on purpose, they're the ones that surely must get bored of it soon.......... Please......... I hope.

29-06-2015, 18:39
How do you guys feel about an option for collisions off racing in online lobbies?

We have this in motogp and use it a lot of the time in public lobbies. It works really well for us..actually offers an alternative style of online racing using the slip-stream & draught on the straights. Closer finishes normally than collisions on.. Of course the "purists" will say that collisions off racing is nothing more than a "time trial" but that is honestly not our experience. It makes for very close cut & thrust racing..with the added advantage that the rammers & blockers just flail around like the idiots that they are.

By the way I know Fleetwood. That's where Fisherman's friends come from..I visited it once and had Fish & Chips there..I love Fish & Chips even though I am French.

grT :p

29-06-2015, 18:51
Maybe they'll get bored soon

Thought the same of these kinds of threads...

29-06-2015, 19:02
yeah, as if it's not annoying enough the only real rooms with a good amount of players is gt3, but then half hte time ya got morons who can't drive and/or purposely use you as a brake. some days i have hours of fun online racing. other days i just turn the game off after 2 or 3 races .

29-06-2015, 19:41
In 1-2 months from now all the morons will be gone and serious players will enjoy clean races. Just need a bit of patience...

29-06-2015, 19:54
I guess a proper solution will only come with PC2.
In the meantime, join some site of people organizing races and race in a closed group.
i got myself in vrroom.org

29-06-2015, 20:01
How do you guys feel about an option for collisions off racing in online lobbies?

Would that even be considered racing, it would seem more like a ghost hotlap then racing. I can't stand no collision.

29-06-2015, 21:17
Would that even be considered racing, it would seem more like a ghost hotlap then racing. I can't stand no collision.

Fair enough. Everyone is different. Personally though rather than getting continuously punted off or blocked during the course of a race in a bad public lobby I would prefer to be able to turn collisions off. Can the experience of having cars block the track in front of you in the same place each lap or the experience of being rammed off the track repeatedly from behind really be considered to be racing? Not in my book it cannot anyway. I would consider it something more akin to the "dodgems" which is arguably what it is..

So I guess that one can work both ways.

Having experienced very close & competitive collisions off races I would argue that it is still racing. It is just a different form of racing. It miles away from Time Trialling with "ghosts" from my personal experience. Some ppl enjoy it some ppl do not I guess.

But really I suppose the point is that if a collisions off option was available in a public lobby then if you dislike the notion of collisions off racing you simply do not use that option. Perhaps a "kick" button for the "host" would be a better solution for ppl such as yourself who hate collisions off racing?

I think this has all been covered on another thread but I personally cannot see any harm in there being a range of options at one's disposal (a "kick" button & a collisions off option etc.) to combat the problem of "rammers" & "blockers" in pubblic lobbies. At the end of the day if you don''t like collisions on or alternatively you don't like collisions off in public lobbies then pick your lobby accordingly. Should this one not be a matter of freedom of choice?

Having said all that I think we would all prefer to race in public lobbies with respectful and considerate opponents. I don't think there is any question about that at all. Life is sometimes not perfect however..


29-06-2015, 22:26
Surely there could be a sort of collision off setting like the one GT5 and 6 have ? Under 'normal' circumstances like leaning against an opponent into a corner or a little tap here and there (push to pass times), you will get contact and feel it. If however someone is deliberately torpedoing you (no brakes applied) or brake checking, then they, or you ghost without being punted off into the wilderness ?
There should be a way to implement an instant DQ and return to the pits if a player (if you can call them that) deliberately blocks the track and causes a crash, say a time limit for being stationary for 5 seconds should do it ?

29-06-2015, 22:48
Then they'll drive with 5mph and block the track that way. There should be an option to ghost lapped cars. Sim league players could turn it off and keep their realism, normal 5 laps lobbies with randoms could turn it on.

29-06-2015, 23:07
^^ If they do try and block by driving at 5mph, then the ghost through setting would apply if it's implemented. The way I would imagine it working would be on a closing speed setting. If both cars are going at roughly the same speed and direction then you'd not ghost through each other. If another car is closing in on you too fast from the rear (ramming/torpedoing) or from the side, then they would ghost through you into the wall/tyres/barrier or better still, the pits. You could still have some 'paint swapping' when fighting for position, but actual ramming or side swiping could be stamped out.

29-06-2015, 23:27
Yeah sounds good too. And they even have it already in the game, you get ghosted when you reset back on track, can't be that hard to apply that rule to other situations. But I read earlier that they now start to look at the drive option locked bug, which is on the known issues list since release. So seeing these new ideas and features which basically mean a complete overhaul of their penalty system, it's gonna take long time till we see that happening.