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29-06-2015, 19:26
Hi all...

Im in the progress of coding a website, which will hold a small community of players, it's not actully a league structure, but a kind of community ;)

It's possible for each driver to arrange races, participate in such, and then automaticly update the results, as they appear.
For this, each driver will have a starting ranking points, and will be awarded ranking points as to how the qual/race ended.

The computation takes a large amount of variables, such as how many drivers in race, weather type, time of day, damage type, length of race, total number of turns in race, failures, use of aids, and som others.

Im thinking of adding a difficulty rating for each track, as some tracks can be difficult eventhough there is not to many turns at all.
As of now, there is just too many circiuts i've not even driven my self... I've googled but not been able to find any source of any kind, that I could use.

It would really be a valuable help for me if you could take 2 minutes, to fill out your personal view of a diffucult rating of some of the pCARS tracks you have driven.

Im thinking the rating would be like this

1.050 very difficult
1.035 difficult
1.020 challenging
1.010 a few turns challenging
1.000 not too challenging
0.985 easy

I could start out with a couple of tracks i've been racing a lot at:

Autodromo Nazionale Monza GP Short = 1.000
Brands Hatch GP = 1.020
Brno = 1.010
Hockemheim GP = 1.010
Zolder = 1.010

Thanks in advance ;)

N0body Of The Goat
29-06-2015, 19:31
The phrase "one man's meat is another man's poison" springs to mind, what you find easy, I might find hard!

... Mission impossible, IMHO. ;)

29-06-2015, 19:33
Sure, i know, we are all different, driving different... but any input will still be valuable ;)

29-06-2015, 19:34
Difficulty to simply get around the tracks or difficulty of being properly fast?

Edit: For example, Monza is not technically complex, but it is very unforgiving in terms of carrying max momentum through the chicanes and getting the right exit speed. Brno is difficult in a technical sense because of the amount of off camber, blind corners, crests, drops, and the surprisingly high level of grip that allows you to get on the throttle way earlier than you'd expect.

29-06-2015, 19:35
That's a good question... not necessarily being fast, but setting valid lap times

29-06-2015, 19:42
Given it's sheer length and status amongst race drivers around the globe, i think it's safe to rate Nordschleife 1.05 in your system:)

29-06-2015, 19:44
Thanks for your feedback, it sure is an insane track...

29-06-2015, 19:55
I would rate Le Mans 1.010 in your system.
The straights and chicanes are straight forward but Indianapolis and Porsche curves are pretty challenging on the limit.
But like others said, this is a very subjective thing.

29-06-2015, 20:02
I know it's subjective, if enough users post their very own and personal view of some of the tracks they have raced, it still would be very valuable to me :cool:

Thanks btw for your view on Le Mans

29-06-2015, 20:09
Ok, one more for you: Spa Franchorchamps should get 1.020 based on own experience and how it's perceived by F1 drivers.

29-06-2015, 20:29
Ok, one more for you: Spa Franchorchamps should get 1.020 based on own experience and how it's perceived by F1 drivers.

That's a great track! Getting it right through Eau Rouge and carrying all that speed onto the straight is a great feeling!

back to the original question though. I find Silverstone to be tricky in parts, not especially difficult but tricky (technical may be a better word), especially when going through the "S" curves at Becketts and onto the Hangar straight. You need to get every single curve right to carry as much speed as possible down the straight. You can lose so much time if you get that wrong.

29-06-2015, 21:30
Thanks on the opinions, keep em coming ;)

TheReaper GT
29-06-2015, 21:38
Very hard to define what's dificult for other people. I find Brands Hatch easy, because I really enjoy it. Same with Watkins Glen, SPA and a bunch of others.

29-06-2015, 21:55
I think bathurst is about 1.020 or 1.035 maybe

TheReaper GT
29-06-2015, 21:57
I think bathurst is about 1.020 or 1.035 maybe

Thats a bitch of a track, she doesn't like me.

29-06-2015, 22:11
Bathurst 1.050 IMHO

29-06-2015, 23:23
Nordschleife 1.100 - Beyond any difficulty :D

TheReaper GT
29-06-2015, 23:28
Nordschleife 1.100 - Beyond any difficulty :D

True that. Hell of a fun but hard as concrete.

29-06-2015, 23:28
Great... thanks for your input, keep em coming ;)

29-06-2015, 23:38
I actually find Monza to be very difficult if you plan on being fast :p
Try hitting the chicanes perfectly without any downforce on your car :sulkiness:

Another difficult track for me would be Cadwell GP. Very very tricky to get a perfect lap on there, that one downhill left-hander is especially painful ;) 9/10 - Love this bumpy track!

29-06-2015, 23:40
Nordschleife 1.100 - Beyond any difficulty :D

I think Azure coast and california highway are harder.
Nordschleife is definitely not above 1.050, I say it is between 1.035 and 1.050.

30-06-2015, 05:36
Monza GP 1.000
Monaco (Azure Circuit) 1.050
Catalunya GP 1.010
Watkins Glen Short 1.000
Watkins Glen GP 1.010

30-06-2015, 06:13
Thanks for the inputs, I really appreciate it... still room for others to dial in some personal view/experience from racing specific tracks ingame ;)

30-06-2015, 12:40
That's a tough one. Surely a tracks difficulty will increase with how fast you go!

One of a favorites is Laguna Seca but I don't know where I'd place it. I know it so well that it feels easy, but hitting the apex correctly before the corkscrew isn't easy and it's essential for carrying speed through the turn.

I think what you have in mind is better called technicality, rather than difficulty, would you agree?

Maybe look into getting some real life crash stats for these tracks and that could give you an indication about how easy it is to mess up ...

OrenIshii BE
30-06-2015, 12:53
H1.050 very difficult
1.035 difficult
1.020 challenging
1.010 a few turns challenging
1.000 not too challenging
0.985 easy

It's hard to put a difficulty on a track,
it all depends how you look at it,
the way i see difficulty is the way you race against cars.
For example easy to overtake, close compact racing, the way certain corners unbalance cars etc...

Autodromo Nazionale Monza GP Short = 1.010
Hockemheim GP = 1.000
sonoma = 1.035
Nurburg GP = 1.020
Azure circuit = 1.035

to name a few

30-06-2015, 13:09
@Bouyo - You could probably be right regarding "technicality" vs. "difficulty".

I havent thought of searching real life crash'es, and compile stats for this, thanks alot for you input :)

30-06-2015, 13:09
In my opinion, the hardest tracks are:
Cadwell Park, Nordschleife, Bathurst, Sonoma, Snetterton, Azure Circuit, Oschersleben, Glencairn, Azure Coast, California Highway

The Easiest are: Zhuhai, Laguna Seca, Doninton park, Watkins Glen, Brands Hatch Indy (GP is a lot harder), Hockenheim, Monza, Summerton

30-06-2015, 13:11
@ OrenIshii BE - thanks for your input, haven't thought of the "overtaking" issue.

30-06-2015, 13:12
I think Azure coast and california highway are harder.
Nordschleife is definitely not above 1.050, I say it is between 1.035 and 1.050.

My problem is, that Azure coast and california highway are no real tracks, thats why I am leaving them out of my personal voting :D

Hardest track/tracks for me are: Norschleife and Bathurst.

30-06-2015, 14:05
just judging the track and no traffic and just judging setting a valid racing lap (not fast quali lap), heres my opinion of some tracks:

1.050: (Technical and no room for error)
Monaco(Azure Circuit)

1.035: (Technical but room for error)
Infineon Raceway(Sonoma)
Brands Hatch GP
Nürburgring GP
Suzuka(Sakitto: Although judging more on the original)

Laguna Seca
Road America
Watkins Glen
Willow Springs
Oulton Park

Le Mans

Monza short
Silverstone short
Sakitto short

upcoming Oval Tracks

30-06-2015, 14:45
Thanks Skyrex for your large list of tracks, it a great help :)