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30-06-2015, 20:56
Alright, I have replaced a Radeon HD 7850 with a GTX970 on a AMD FX-6300 system with 16GB RAM.

Using the latest and also 347.25 (which works for a friend of mine and his GTX970) Nvida display drivers pCars now crashes whenever I try to enter free practice or race (haven't tried any other game options yet), even after completely deleting the pCars folder in my documents.

Even did DDU'ed (with the DisplayDriverUninstall software) all AMD and Nvidia display drivers and installed the Nvidia ones from scratch. ATM I only have installed the display driver, no other Nvidia software (and of course no other AMD software anymore, even removed the AMD Game Raptor thing).

It also crashes at Road America, haven't tried any other tracks yet.

Crashlog is zipped and also attached.

30-06-2015, 21:12
did the scan installation thing and now it's re-downloading >30 files ... will report back if that solved my problem

30-06-2015, 21:59
working now