View Full Version : Open wheel races with AI is really unplayable

30-06-2015, 21:20
Guys I truly love this game but today I realized that racing against AI (Formula A on Spa) is close to impossible.

100% AI I managed to qualify on pole. From there I had to restart the race 10-12 times just to finish the first lap. What I saw was just unbelievable, cars going off track every corner, cars bumping other cars off the track, cars flying in the air after wheels contacts (yeah really)... nothing realistic at all, you'd never see that many incidents in real life professional races. I finally managed to complete the first lap and I was middle of the second lap where an opponent behind me decided to throw me against a wall like a rocket while I was in about to enter a corner.

I have to say I'm driving as clean as I can, I respect the AI and let it room to overtake, I don't try to win at turn 1, even though I'm not a pro driver I believe I'm serious enough to not be the problem here.

I give up with open wheel races until AI gets fixed. Hopefully the AI is much more playable in GT or proto :)

30-06-2015, 21:29
There is lots of AI fixes in the upcoming patch , I had a lot of problems with the same race also ........... I eventually got through it by hitting the grass to avoid the fist corner collisions (pile ups ) and moved on to the next race .

Mind you I'm running at 90%

Anyways hopefully the patch rectifies some off the issues we are all having bud.

30-06-2015, 21:30
The name of the game is avoiding trouble on the first lap at all costs and take it from there. There are some issues that the next patch will help with I believe. It's definitely not impossible though. I've raced my way through all the Formulas up to A and had great fun doing it.



30-06-2015, 23:20
I'm having some great battles in Formula C. Very competitive racing with the AI @ 75 for my skills. Didn't try FB or FA yet but I hope they are just as fun as the FC cars.