View Full Version : Came 2nd even though I finished about 10th

01-07-2015, 12:35
When the count down to start the race session ended on zero there was a delay of about 3 minutes before the track loaded and the race session started, Usually I've quite the game but decided to see if anything does happen.

Well the session eventually started, when the race started I was surprised there were no missing drivers as all the cars started the race.
I went from 2nd to last after a spin but even when passed by the other cars I still never lost second place according to the hud and race results.

I guess it makes up for several races where I finished first but was demoted to 2nd.

What I found strange is that nobody had quite with such a long delay starting, had they somehow been turned into AI cars?

02-07-2015, 06:36
Race results are bugged. Many instances where I've finished 1st and it shows 2nd... other examples where I finish 2nd and it says 1st...

On other instances I've seen it where cars that retired early in the race appear ahead of me according to the HUD even though they are stopped and I am leading the race.

I think some of this was fixed with 2.0 patch... lets just see if it continues.