View Full Version : Finding a lobby is so much harder after last update

01-07-2015, 21:58
I can't be the only person experiencing this. It seems half the lobbies are full and already racing. The other half are idle lobbies, but usually with no more than 4 players in. You give the latter a try and the lobby doesn't populate. Then you try a more populated lobby and hope they're still qualifying. If they are actually qualifying and you're allowed to enter, more often than not you're locked from participating in qualifying. Back out and try again (because sometimes it'll let you participate on a second try). Still won't let me "drive". Ok, well there's only 2 mins of qualifying time left, I'll just let the timer run down and race. Race starts and then find I'm stuck in bumper cam with manual gearing. Quit race, start process all over again.

One of my biggest gripes with Gran Turismo was how finding a good race online often turned into a time wasting farce. I'm starting to get those horrible old feelings again when I'm still trying to find a race 20 mins after firing Pcars up.

02-07-2015, 07:37
My experience too. I pretty much only race le mans in prototypes (each to their own eh?) and pre-update there were usually half a dozen of various le mans races to join. Now there's one if I'm lucky. And yes, the usual can't drive, stuck in bumper cam and the oh so hilarious 'let's put everyone on top of each other on the grid when the race starts and make a farce of the 60 mins qualifying they've just been through' nonsense is still far too evident. I'm sure I read a while back someone from SMS saying they'd fixed the not being able to race after joining a lobby and well, I'm surprised the 'fix' passed testing.

02-07-2015, 09:14
Exactly the same for me, except its not since the last update, it's since release. I've given up playing it now for the last 2 or 3 weeks as it's all just to frustrating. If you are lucky enough to get in to a race some idiot will ram you off the track in T1 anyway. I'm just hoping it's going to improve a lot and quickly as I'd love to be able to enjoy the game.

For me to get back in to the game more seriously I'd like to see:

a) To have sorting options in the server browser to sort it by number of players or by track etc (and I mean clickable titles at the top of the browser lists to sort by order - not the separate filters option).
b) More information in the server browser such as what session is currently running - practice, quali, warm up, race. Even some letter codes in the server browser would help. P30,Q10,R7 (= Practice 30mins, Quali 10 mins, Race 7 laps - with highlighted colour showing current session).
c) Not getting stuck in that horrible bumper cam.
d) Actually being able to leave the pits when you join a session.
e) A better option for looking what the server settings are without having to wait for the tiny information box in the lobby to scroll through 6 pages of settings info. I want to see it all at once. The menu system and lobbies I find just horrible at the moment.
f) A way of dealing with the idiots out there. I would like to see maybe a "pro server" option which restricts drivers from entering who have below average race completion stats and high crash per race percentage stats.

02-07-2015, 10:04
Spot on PaulyP.

02-07-2015, 19:59
Finding a race was pretty much problem free for me before the update. I race mostly GT3 and there'd always be a quite few well populated lobbies idling and ready to go. Lobbies with just a few players in would quickly fill up too. They just don't fill up now, meaning you go looking for a race where you can jump into qualifying of a full lobby, but then you just run into all the problems with "drive" being locked.

02-07-2015, 20:52

I understand this thread is about random lobbies but friends is the best way to race. On xbox when you get into random lobbies send everybody a friend request in the lobby. On xbox they don't have to accept and they will still go on your friends list. This isn't a immediate fix but after a couple of nights doing this you will have a bunch of people that play P cars on your friends list and will be able to find races easier this way. On xbox most guys will accept the friend request especially concerning P cars because they understand this is how we have to do it right now.

On Nascar 09 we used to have this problem with unpopulated rooms during daytime hours. Most adults which is who this game caters to work during the day which was 1 reason the servers would be unpopulated. Another reason the game can be unpopulated during regular hours is to avoid the kids and screw ups playing the game. So a lot of the hardcore play publicly at strange hours. For example my crew starts around midnight. Between midnight and 3 am we normally dont have a problem with rooms filling up. Was in a couple of full rooms last night. We have built a pretty big group so we don't have this problem.