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02-07-2015, 14:51
I couldn't find any reports on the collective thread, nor could I find any reports of this using "search".

Last night I ran a race the 2nd Silverstone Clio Cup career race and found that I was slower that the AI on this track. I ended up winning qualifying but couldn't hold the lead in the first race. In the 2nd race I started in 2nd. In the first race I was holding off the AI by holding the inside line. But on the last lap the AI cut the final chicane to make the pass. Not sure he could get away with that in real life but whatever...

For race 2, I had a perfect start and leaped into the lead but found the AI drivers were able to brake later and carry more speed through the corners. (I don't think this was rubber banding, I think I was just driving poorly.) However I did find that I was getting a lot of studdering mostly under breaking making it difficult to judge corner entry speed. But I was able to position my car on the inside line again and the AI didn't make any effort to cut the chicane. Instead, on the end of lap 4 (out of 7) at the chicane, the 2nd place driver simply drove through me like a ghost and drove away from me. I then pitted behind him on lap 6 and followed him out of the pit. We just beat the 4th, 5th and 6th place drivers out from the pits but 4th and 5th were able to squeeze through. The 6th place driver, like the 1st place driver, didn't want to wait to pass and also drove directly through my car like a ghost!

Out of frustration I cut the chicane on the final lap to take 5th back.

I assume this is a bug and not a "AI Ghost setting" that I need to tweek. Let me know if this has been reported and is being looked at. my guess is that it is related to the studdering I was experiencing. Could be that the game picked up this studdering and "ghosted" my car not knowing exactly where I was. Or perhaps what I was seeing was not what was actually going on with the physics???

Anyway - here is the video; https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=A80EBE0C5B3CD6CB!797&authkey=!AGX0SrfQ-SO4BZQ&ithint=video%2cmp4

Race - Clio Cup Career race at Silverstone (race 2)
Platform - xbox one
Controller - xbox controller
Network connection; (at 10:48am EST 7/2 - I didn't check last night)
- Wired, NAT = opened
- Download 75.66 Mbps
- Upload 12.87 Mbps
- Packet loss 0%
- MTU - 1480
- Latency 100 ms

Time of issues _ approximately 12:00am 7/2 EST

02-07-2015, 21:49
tho this is clearly a bug i have noticed it also happen when you go off track then use put the car back on track button where it makes sense coz where you are placed on track a car could be right behind and would ram you otherwise. i think this has more chance of happening the slower you are relative to the car behind, must be some limit that triggers this problem. like most AI problems with this game this can only be solved by being faster than them so they have no chance getting anywhere near you.

03-07-2015, 08:28
I've noticed this a couple of times too, in the Clio practive and qualifying in the 2nd year of career, Superkart

03-07-2015, 10:05
As Baz00ka has mentioned, I have also noticed this when either an AI or myself have run off track and returned to the track, this doesn't have to be a huge off, sometimes just a small track warning. I'm not sure if I like it or not, personally I don't think any contact should be removed, even pit exit/entry points, this is all part of racing and therefore part of the skill of the drivers to avoid. Although, I can see people wanting the 'ghosting' in an online lobby. Maybe this could be an option?

03-07-2015, 13:30
I have seen this too, in bmw m1 invitationals

03-07-2015, 17:16
Only place I've noticed ai ghosting is on pit entry/exit. Presumably due to difficulty in teaching ai proper behavior in these area's. (Or teaching players proper behavior in these area's for that matter) If youre near pits you have to take specific care to prevent the ghost effect from costing you a place.

06-07-2015, 03:16
Yep happened to me at Le Mans today

09-07-2015, 01:53

Happened to me too.