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02-07-2015, 15:08
Hi there, Iíve recently discovered after not being able to keep pace with someone in an online race that there is an issue with my G25 throttle & brake. I believe that they are of combined axis so when I apply the brake (which I can do fully to 100%) and press the throttle the brakes pressure releases according to throttle amount, this also works the opposite way around to. I posted a topic yesterday on the forum about heel & toe and the problem would explain why I experienced that. The problem occurs across all cars but is obviously most problematic in manual cars.
When in the Logitech profiler both throttle and brake are independent as they should be and I have full throws on each individually and together. My Logitech profiler is set to the following:

Overall Effect strength 100%
Spring Effect Strength 0%
Damper Effect Strength 0%
Enable Centering Spring in Force Feedback checked
Centering Spring Strength 0%
Degrees of rotation 900
Allow game to Adjust Settings checked
When in Game profile settings>Control Panel>Devices & Printers>right click G25 Game Controller> settings the ďPedals reported asÖ Combined (single axis Ėused for most games) is unchecked. (I have tried applying and still no luck)

Does anybody have any ideas as Iíve tried multiple ways of resetting pedals in game assigning controls but the problem remains. I am using one of the earlier Jack Spade FFB settings which I liked and have previously used the Freetrack work around. Everything else is as is. Does anybody have any ideas as to whatís going on and how to correct as itís currently limiting enjoyment of the manual cars of which the Lotus 49 I really like. Iím getting to the point of tearing my hair out!

Any help would be much appreciated.

02-07-2015, 15:25
I've answered my own question there are two options for the g25 combined & separate pedals in game! May be useful for somebody else experiencing the same problem!

Roger Prynne
02-07-2015, 17:18
Lol.. Yea always use separate pedals.