View Full Version : PC players, how's the MP compared to the PS4/XB1?

02-07-2015, 18:24
Getting a bit narked with getting rammed, idiots sitting in the middle of the track, not knowing racing etiquette ect....ect.

Curious to how things are as if they're better i'll double-dip and set up show on the PC instead.

02-07-2015, 20:11
Not a lot different at the moment. I wonder if a simple option would be to set "collisions off" for any car that is: stationary; driving the wrong way; off the track; or travelling below 10mph - and takes 10s to turn back on again once moving in the correct direction on track. At least on the in-game servers (not for dedicated servers).

This way the cheats and kiddie crashers wouldn't be able to lay in wait for people ready to ram. You'll still get turn 1 problems but after that things should settle down to good racing.