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02-07-2015, 19:13
It may sound silly and probably it is but what is the order when presenting wheigh balance?
In this case: in a 57/43 car which number represents the rear end?

02-07-2015, 19:14

02-07-2015, 19:16
Left is front, right is rear.
Think about reading from left to right and then looking at a car's silohuette from left to right

03-07-2015, 01:29
So I'm just curious about something.
Why do we have cars like Audi R8 for instance, where you can see the engine is right behind the driver does have more weight in the front end? Even springs are stiffer in front end of that car to handle that extra weight. I mean, I'm not a race car expert as you guys can easily tell but what is there (front) that have so much weight?

Thanks in advance for enlighteng my race car knowlege

PTG Ty1er Ward
06-07-2015, 14:23

Maybe it's listed different per car then??? The Formula A is listed as 52/48 so that one is rear/front

Edit-- just checked more cars. On PC and XB it's definitely listed as Rear/Front. Maybe on PS4 it's different.

18-07-2015, 02:45
I'm pretty sure its Rear/Front on PS4, the Ruf GT3 is 58/42.