View Full Version : Having trouble in drying weather

Goofball Antics
03-07-2015, 02:33
Hi all,

Im having an issue with my second GT3 career race at Watkins Glen. It starts in a storm then it dries up, then it rains again. I qualified 1st so I know Ive got the pace to mix it up with the front runners but as soon as the weather starts to clear Im getting decimated by AI who seems to be doing very well in the dry on wet tyres (they dont pit before it clears up so I know theyre still on Wets). I know AI behavior in the wet has been patched, so there MUST be some way I can improve my driving. I cant change to dry tyres once it clears because two laps later its wet again and I'm in the wall. So I've got a couple of questions.

1. Has anyone got any tips on maintaining speed on overheating wet tyres?


2. Is there a way to get warning of approaching rain/the clearing of rain that Im not taking advantage of? Im used to a racing title where my engineer gives me weather updates. I have done research but I'm hoping there's something I've missed.

Thanks to anyone who replies!

Goofball Antics
03-07-2015, 05:13
Ugh nevermind, some joker put my difficulty up to 90. Thats above my paygrade. That solves my speed issues at least.