View Full Version : Best Cars & Tracks List - YOU CHOOSE YOURS?

03-07-2015, 05:32
Hello Fellow Forum Members,

I am Traminator from Melbourne Australia, and I am very new to the Site. But I was very excited to get my hard-copy of the "Limited Edition DVD" of Project Cars here in OZ.
The first thing I wanted to do though, was test out every Car & Track in the game, before attempting any Championship - so I used the opportunity to create this EXCEL SPREEDSHEET
of all my favourite Cars & Tracks in the game, and giving them a score based on my own preferences. {all the inside, helmet & roof-top views are considered as one view}
So for anyone that is interested in doing the same, and has MISCROSOFT OFFICE installed - here are my scores attached - but there are two things to point out.

Please don't give me a hard time regarding any scores you don't agree with, as this is just my own personal opinion, and my own tastes regarding both sound, and my preferences for the HOOD/BONNET View while driving.

Secondly, I have quite a large 27" monitor, and all of the windows are resized to fit that, so you might have to resize them better to fit in with your own screens

Hope some of you can find it useful, from the Bathurst Track loving Traminator from Australia