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03-07-2015, 15:18

Just splashed out on a G27 and i'm pleased with the wheel and pedals etc, I've been trawling through all the threads about setting up the wheel and I have to say I haven't found one that works for me.

I had massive clipping and have sorted that out and I can see the FFB trace in the HUD but I feel maybe 5% of it. I can't FEEL the track at all, in all cars you can feel the tarmac these cars are thoroughbreds you can feel everything on the track every bump and blemish, they tramline, move around slightly, respond to the surface.

What am I doing wrong it feels like I'm driving on a snooker table, even though the FFB display is telling me otherwise.

How do I get the FFB display to come through the steering wheel, any help greatly appreciated.



03-07-2015, 15:20
this Settings work very very well for me and my g27, check it out:

ffb 100
tf 80
deadzone removal range 0.18
deadzone falloff 0.04
softclipping half and full 5/5
everything else default

great Overall feel (atleast for me)
Report back pls if you like it :)

Rob Wilkinson
03-07-2015, 15:23
Or this:

FFB 100
TF 100
Deadzone .04
Falloff 0
Softclipping half and full 0


Master: 26ish
Fx 18
Fy 22
Fz 22
Mz 22

Lukas Macedo
03-07-2015, 15:39
My settings, which I like:

ffb 100
tf 40
Per Car:
Master Scale up/down based on clipping (ffb graph)

03-07-2015, 18:48
For a "lively" ride you need to first check if the track is bumpy or smooth. Some tracks, like Silverstone, are RIDICULOUSLY smooth. Other tracks like Oulton Park, Brands Hatch, Nordschleife etc are quite bumpy.

Here are some settings you can try to make a brutal ride around one of the bumpy tracks:

FFB strength to 100 in the game (this is important!)
Tire Force = 5 (yes.. only 5! This due to the way TF and Soft Clip is bugged at the moment)
Deadzone Removal = 0.10
Deadzone Removal Falloff = 0.02
Soft Clip (Half-Input) = 0.2
Soft Clip (full output) = 1.20

Formula B (as an example)

Spindle Master Scale = 48
Fx = 200
Fy = 54
Fz = 196
Mz = 68

Boom.. that should be a seriously lively ride. :)

03-07-2015, 22:55
I'm not after a brutal ride I just want to feel the track through the steering wheel. I know some tracks are smooth and some are rough I have driven on both types many times, what is lacking is the feel that tells you the front tyres are just about to let go if you don't back off, not just hearing the rumble strips at a corner but feel them through the wheel.

Sorry to repeat the above but I can see the data on the FFB display I just want to know how to make that information that is clearly there come out at the wheel I'm holding.

Thx for the replies I will try them out tomorrow and let you know how they worked out.

03-07-2015, 23:10
I've been using these setting for my G25 for about a month or more without any issues, however I haven't updated my profile either so who kows how well it works now they messed with things.

FFB strength to 60
Tire Force = 60
Deadzone Removal = 0.10
Deadzone Removal Falloff = 0.1
Soft Clip (Half-Input) = 0
Soft Clip (full output) =0

Spindle Master Scale = 26
Fx = 76
Fy =76
Fz = 120
Mz = 180