View Full Version : bug @Road America - Pit Stop Window blocks

04-07-2015, 14:29
hi all, here is what I had last night in a race and today AM reproduced.


last night in Multiplayer race, after Quali went to Warm Up, brought up Pit Strategy to adjust/ set pit stuff and got stuck in menu, game running, hearing lobby and speaking to everyone, not frozen or anything like that. wait for time to run out and started race, in race lap 10 from 15 went into pits and wanted to do another setting in one of my presets of pit strategy (view saved) and got stuck in race in pit window until race was completed. (nothing worked, no L or R buttons, no options, no share not PS button all not functioning)

i did the same test today AM with SOLO run with AI, same thing happened and same way. (only did 5 lap race though, since did not want to get frustrated on a long race to wait)

the above was in BMW Z4 GT3.

after all this, the the same in a LMP1 P30, same thing happened...just kind of tired of this testing and reporting and never a single reply...

also, noticed on Road America in Practice session, another thing, when i start the game, usually should do the flying over shot/ camera and the starting grid, but i have some weird SKY and cropped trees, looks like ***t and then it goes into my cockpit view to start race. (either press X to skip that starting grid air shot or wait it out, either way, it does look messed up)

have restarted, rebuild and etc PS4 and what not, all options, still same and can reproduce. so ROAD AMERICA PIT STOPS are a no go for me.

anyways, hope one day in the future things will get better...nur die hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!

05-07-2015, 13:31
I have the same problem, Id posted it a few weeks ago and no reply. I can also reproduce it.