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04-07-2015, 17:42
Okay so I'm pretty stumped right now.

Today is the first time I've played in around 2 weeks-ish, so is the first time I've played since the 2.0 patch and therefore I'm still trying to catch up on all the issues I've been reading regarding wheels since the new patch. However after reading through the latest pages on Jack Spade's thread and a few others I don't think I have found anyone with the same problem I am having.

In simple terms it feels like my wheel is doing too much turning in the first couple of 100 degrees of rotation. I'm finding it hard to describe it so I'll talk in terms of a lap of Silverstone and what im experiencing. In corners like turn 1, Copse and Maggots/Becketts I have to turn the wheel really accurately to keep the car on the racing line, it's way easier than I remember to turn too much and bounce over the inside of the corner. The slower corners like Village and the Loop its actually okay, although I'm finding it easy to turn the wheel too far and make it go light (before the patch this was after 90 degrees but now its about 75-80). The worst part though is in a GT3 type of car (lower downforce than a Formula A etc), braking for a corner like Brooklands is ridiculously hard. Coming from high speed to hitting the brakes and trying to thread the car into the corner results in the back end flying out, and this isn't me turning too much/carrying too much speed its simply the cars responsiveness in game not matching the input of my DFGT.

I don't think this is a FFB issue as the wheel still feels good in that area, it seems to be a rotation/calibration issue. I've done the calibrate wheel thing 3 times, restarted the game many times, unplugged my wheel, restarted my computer and all that normal stuff. I checked my logitech profiler to make sure the wheel is still set to 900 degrees and it is (on a side note does the profiler even effect the settings in pCars anymore?).

While looking at Jack Spades thread I did download his car specific FFB settings which are great and have eliminated the wheel going 'light' feeling but the steering still feels too twitchy. I fiddled with the 'Steering Sensitivity' slider in the controls but this just dulls the steering rather than making it feel like it did before.

So question 1 is whether this is a car handling change in the patch, and if it isn't then I'm hoping someone at least has some ideas as to make this feel better because I'm out of ideas...


Siberian Tiger
04-07-2015, 17:45
Just to be sure... On Step 3 on the Calibration you turn and HOLD your Wheel in a 90 Angle?

That caused a lot of false setuped wheels...

Also you can try to reset your Controller Setttings....

04-07-2015, 17:55
Yeah I held the wheel when I calibrated it, and I'm kind of reluctant to reset it after reading what people are saying about the FFB being crazy strong since the new patch after they have reset their controller settings.

I'm starting to think maybe I'm just going mad and its because I've not played in a while...