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04-07-2015, 23:51
i would like to set up a simulated 24 hour lemans race and do it in about 4 hrs give or take. I need help trying to figure how to set the time progression, as i would like 24 hours of day/night time to elapse in the 4 hour window i do the race. has anyone set up any type of their own endurance race before? if so i would love some suggestions on the best way to make the settings for time and daylight/night as accurate as possible. thanks in advance

05-07-2015, 00:02
In what mode? In career the lowest session length for Lemans is about 3 hour and 45 mins, give or take. BTW This was before the first patch on Xbox one. May have changed with patch...

05-07-2015, 00:29
i am just trying to set up a single race and i know there is no feature for actual time, so i was just planning on putting about 4 hours worth of laps onto the race. just need to get the time progression correct

05-07-2015, 00:57
Sorry not a clue...

05-07-2015, 00:58
If you're doing the Le Mans 24hr invitational race in a career season, just reduce the race distance and the game will still simulate 24hr progression, so you'll get day/night/day transition.

05-07-2015, 01:16
Le mans lap times are 3:20 ish for lmp1 and you wanna drive 4 hours. Thats 240 minutes divided by 3.3 minutes, makes 72 laps.
A day has 24 hours, so it's just 24 divided by 4 -> you need a 6x speedup.

05-07-2015, 01:37
Technically if you'd want 24hrs to pass in 4 hours you'd need 6x time progression. The game however only offers 2,5,10,15,20,25,30,40 and 50x, so you'd be best off with 5x. (20 in-game hours for 4 real life hours)
How many laps you need to run to be racing 4 hours is down to your pace though..

05-07-2015, 02:56
I copied this from another thread here at the forums last month. Have no idea if it is correct or not as I have not tried it yet!

Time Scale at Le Mans

1 to 5= 4 hour and 48 minutes = 70 laps on Le Mans
1 to 10= 2 hour and 24 minutes =34 laps on Le Mans
1 to 15= 1 hour and 36 minutes= 24 laps on Le Mans
1 to 20= 1 hour and 12 minutes= 18 laps on Le Mans
1 to 30= 48 minutes=12 laps on Le Mans
1 to 60= 24 minutes=6 laps on Le Mans

05-07-2015, 04:14
thanks for all the info guys. really appreciate it

05-07-2015, 07:59
You can check the length of a race.
Set up a single race with x laps.
Then by the start go to skip to the end.
Then you see the race result.
There you can see how long the race was.

Its a quick way to figure things out.