View Full Version : AI car becomes ridiculously fast after Qualifying?

05-07-2015, 17:32
I tried to search for this topic but is kind of hard to boil down to a phrase so forgive me if its been brought up before.

The other day I was running a GT4 race in Career mode at Dubai. AI set at 80%. All throughout practice and qualifying the times were very close. I think the gap between pole and 5th was about a second. But then when the race started the car that qualified second just took off and crushed everyone. All the other cars seemed to perform the same as they did in qualifying and practice and other than the first place car it was a very competitive race (I was in a constant battle for 2nd-4th the whole race) but the lead car won by 13 seconds!. What the heck? I get that things can change from qualifying to race etc etc but thats a pretty crazy jump in pace. Pretty frustrating to battle all throughout qualifying to get a good starting position only to have absolutely no chance of wining because all the sudden one car is an unrealistic rocket ship.

This happen to anyone else?

05-07-2015, 18:44
It is a known bug. Some AI Cars use higher values as they should.
Will be solved in Patch 2.0 who will be released very soon...

05-07-2015, 20:37
This happened to me yesterday too, but looks like the patch to fix it (among other things) isn't far away now which is good