View Full Version : Pit-strategy and tuning resets

06-07-2015, 01:40

I have something for the devs to look for and to fix...people who tune their car during a practice or qualifying in a open/closed-online-lobby will lose all their settings (tune) when they switching from one track to the other track, even when they decide to stay at the same track for a rematch or something. This is also the problem with the "Pit-Strategy", if you setup a great strategy before the race starts it will be lost and resetted during a pitstop at the race.

There is one way to tune each car (that will be saved) and thats at "Garage", this shouldnt be the only way to tune a car. The option "Edit car-settings" during the Qualify and Practice isnt there to lose your setup while switching tracks, right? And there is only one way to create a "Pit-Strategy" that shouldnt be resetted by itself during a race, right?

This need to be fixed and i hope it will be soon.

Regards, Jay :cool:

06-07-2015, 02:04
Im having the same problem with pit strategy. I went into the pits to fuel n change tires and everything I had previously setup was gone and totally opposite and ruined my race lol. Please fix this its very annoying and aggravating.